Private Instruction

My goal as a piano instructor is to provide quality one on one music instruction tailored to each individual student. I ony tech piano and organ. I will not teach an instrument in which I do not feel completely comfortable playing myself. I have spent my whole educational career studying keyboard instruments: piano, organ, and harpsichord. I am interested in the student's ability to learn while having fun. With so many extra curricular activities that are energetic and fun, piano must not be any different. My goal is to learn a lot in each lesson...and have fun and laugh even more!


While there are fees for lessons (as with nearly any activity) I am more concerned with teaching a student rather than signing contracts and demanding payment... and my fees are probably less than most schools!


Music is an art and helps develops skills such as creativity, logic, order, imagination, and evokes emotion. It instills self-discipline through individual practice outside of the lesson, and incorporates both math and reading. A musician cannot function on playing notes on a printed page alone, but has to use all senses to perform music with spirit.


My teaching philosophy uses standard teaching methods along with my own personal pedagogy. Sight reading, ear training, individualized assessment, and performance techniques are essential in order to be a competent musician. Most importantly, a fun atmosphere is essential for young students to enjoy music.

About the Studio

My piano studio is currently located in two locations.


1) Central United Methodist Church, Fayetteville: This location offers lessons on a Yamaha grand piano in the sanctuary, or in private rooms with upright pianos.


3) Private Studio, West Fayetteville: The studio is located in my private home. The studio features a 6' Kawai Grand Piano. Parents choosing to stay during lessons are welcome to sit comfortably in the living room complete with TV and internet. (Just ask for a password!) Children may also come and use the living room or dining room to do homework! The studio also features Duncan, a mini Australian Shepherd, who is very energetic and fun loving.



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